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"In the violinist's playing are felt not only technical mastery, a great school, but also the depth of feelings, sincerity, a very individual and sometimes very modern interpretation of classical works."
Severnaja Zvezda, St Petersburg, August 1 2018

"As the bow bounces on the strings, caresses them, or flies away, his fingers slip, pinch and activate so that the performance confines to perfection."
L'Echo d'Ancenis, October 22 2017

"Even now it is clear that a new star has appeared on the sky of music, and it shines brighter every year."
Israel Info (Israel), October 20 2016

"The 17-year old French youth Pineau-Benois gave the first movement of Franck’s sonata with great maturity and insight, wonderfully phrased and ended with Franz Waxmann’s Carmen Fantasy; one doubts if one could hear this brilliant showpiece played better -technically, musically or with more élan- by any other violinist currently before the public, at any age. It was simply outstanding."
Musical Opinion (UK), November-December 2012

Banque Populaire Foundation Laureate Safran for Music Foundation Laureate